You have worked hard your whole adult life in your career and know that you are making a difference in your company and community.


You feel a great sense of accomplishment but instead of slowing down your life just gets busier as you expand your influence on boards, committees, and as an expert in your field.

However, just because you’re focused on your activities outside the home, that doesn’t mean you’re happy to come home to a whole bunch of life admin.

With the help of a cleaner you manage enough of the day-to-day chores of managing your household to make your home liveable and running. Even if not like clockwork, it’s workable.

But no matter how many hours you put in the paperwork and things to do just gets larger.

How many hours a week do you spend cleaning your home? However many hours you put in, you probably wish your home was cleaner. At the same time, you yearn for more time to devote to your career or outside interests. Before you burn out, stop striving to do it all yourself and consider outsourcing some of your housework and home management duties to a professional service.


Why Feel Bad About Outsourcing?

Despite their busy, stressful lives, many women feel guilty about outsourcing some of their home duties to professionals. When you think about it, this attitude doesn’t really make sense, does it? No one can say you don’t work hard; the very reason you’re looking to outsource some of your duties is that your schedule is already overbooked.

So what’s the problem? For many women, outdated notions about “women’s work” bubble under the surface of the subconscious, leading to guilt over outsourcing. Sisters, it’s time to smash these misogynistic ideas! Outsourcing is a sensible and entirely acceptable way to manage your home life in the twenty-first century. Not only does it free up time in your schedule, but it also gives domestic service providers the opportunity to further their own careers.


How to Hire Professional Help at Home

Perhaps you have been putting off hiring help at home because you don’t know where to start. When you’ve spent all day solving logistical challenges at work, cleaning the kitchen yet again can seem simpler than trawling through listings looking for a cleaner you can trust. Thankfully, there is a service you can use to do this arduous searching on your behalf. Bring a Life Concierge into your life to organize your personal paperwork, find cleaners, gardeners and tradespeople for your home, and negotiate with service providers on your behalf. Whatever aspect of your personal life you need help with, your Life Concierge can help.

As a strong professional, you would not hesitate to delegate a task at work if that was the most efficient way to get it done.


Apply the same leadership skills to your personal life. You’ll get your home in order and bust the myth that no woman can have it all.