“Wow – yes okay and I’ll be your agent and help you become a star and you will pay me 10%”

– paraphrase of 10-year-old Amanda to all her friends whenever they said they wanted to grow up and be a dancer, singer, actor or model.

What did you want to be as a kid?

So hey!

Happy New Year!

So how was your Christmas?  Mine was pretty relaxing this year – just spent it with my immediate family. Eating seafood, listening to music and guessing which song belongs to which movie.

It is amazing how music can take you back to a particular part in a movie that you have seen, or bring up a memory that you haven’t thought about for years, isn’t it?

So I got back a lot of excellent feedback from my post before Christmas.

However, it seems not everyone has had the chance to really sort out what their life purpose is and/or goals for 2017.

As I mentioned there are many excellent people out there whose business is to help you with these two questions but in the next couple of emails I will share with you how I did it.


Your life purpose

Finding out your life purpose (or Vision, Mission, Why, the Color of your Parachute) is all about finding out what is that one thing/thought/idea that will:

Motivate you  – to wake up and get out of bed in the morning, pick yourself up and go start again when you are knocked down. To get stuff done when you are not feeling the best, or it’s cold and raining outside or just plain don’t feel like it.

Uplift you – and make you feel great when you are on track and on your way to achieving it.

So how do you discover this?  There are many ways that can you help you find this out. But whichever way you do it you need to somehow get past the material and superficial and really get down deep to what is really important.  The two best ways for me was to:

1. Write my Eulogy – yep, writing your own Eulogy may sound like a pretty morbid prospect. But thinking about how you want people to talk about you when you are gone is an illuminating experience. Rarely, if at all, when doing this do people write their Eulogy with phrases such as “She had many possessions including a Mansion, a holiday house on the French Riviera, a Porsche, a Hermes bag and a Chanel Suit.”

2. Think back to when I was a kid. Thinking back, what role did you always take when playing or doing something with other kids in the neighborhood? What did you love to do? When you drew what things did you draw and what did they mean to you? When you played with your Barbie, Tonka Truck, Matchbox cars, doll house or Science Set – did you use them the way other kids did or did you use them differently?

The following resources I found immensely helpful in helping me find my life purpose and makes for some pretty inspiring reading.

  • My Why by Simon Sinek  (buy his book or take his course)
  • E-Myth by Michael Gerber (Available in book, Audiobook)
  • Today’s Woman, Life Balance Secrets: Practical Tips & Tricks for Overcoming Stress, Guilt & Overwhelm by Miriam Castilla (Available in Book or on CD)