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Take back your time

You have a fulfilling and rewarding career, and you’ve worked hard to achieve that success.

But you still need to find the time to pay your bills, keep on top of your family’s appointment schedule and manage to get your kid to all of their school and extra-curricular activities.

“Success in a competitive world requires hitting Monday refreshed and ready to go. The only way to do that is to create weekends that rejuvenate you rather than exhaust or disappoint you.” – Laura Vanderkam

With me you can be yourself

Some people think using a Personal Concierge Service is a luxury that only people of a certain stature can engage with, however, at Amanda Horne Life Concierge, we believe that it is an affordable option to buy back your time! The time that would otherwise be spent doing personal errands, or other tasks. It simply provides a convenient way to get things done by sending requests to your personal concierge.

What would you do with a spare hour or two per day? The time you will save by using our service can be spent on more important things like enjoying your family, friendships or participating in self-care.

I can give time back to you

Wouldn’t you love to be able to walk in the door and switch off for a change instead of calculating the hundred little jobs you need to get done?

What about being able to enjoy your time off over the weekend without having to run around catching up on chores, home errands and life admin?

Where there’s even time to crack open a book and laze in the sun, head outdoors for an adventure, or even enjoy a guilt-free afternoon nap because boy do you deserve it.

Let me help.

Hi, I’m Amanda

When I worked in the Premier’s Office, I’d watch my colleagues run 12-hour days. I’d see them trying to steal back some time during the day to do their personal errands — on the phone, doing internet banking, or racing around the streets of Adelaide with their dry cleaning or items to be repaired.

I could see their constant battle to keep up with those ‘must-do’ personal tasks and at the same time try to successfully stay on top of their work. I could also see they would much rather be spending all that errand time at their job, which they loved.

Wouldn’t know how or where to start to delegate stuff?

There’s isn’t anything we can’t research, plan, coordinate or organise for your home and personal life.
At Life Concierge, we’re the experts in helping you get things done.

This service is a life-saver for someone who works full time. Not only can I rely on them to do all of the tasks that I simply don’t have time for, but no matter what I need assistance with, they are always obliging and willing to help.

Elizabeth Olsson

Mellor Olsson, Adelaide

Like to see what I can do for you? Book in a chat.


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